I was lying on my bed a year ago and caught whiff of something.

“Do you smell that?” I asked my two sons in their bedroom across the hall. “It smells like someone blew a dead carcass through their tighty whities.”

The oldest of the two, Nicholas, came into my bedroom holding his nose.
“Yea, Dad that really stinks,” he said.

“Isn’t your brother with you?” I asked.

As Nicholas was about to answer, laughter burst from the living room. Nicholas and I went to look for his little brother, Alexander.

In the living room, Alexander sat on the sofa giggling in his underpants that actually had a hole in them.

“I had a lot beans at lunch,” he said.

The three of us were laughing hysterically for what seemed like a lifetime.

“Wouldn’t it be awesome if I made a book about this?” I said.

“That would be really awesome, Dad,” the boys said excitedly.

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