He who questions existence
Questions death
We could run together
Gather the innocent
Perpetually late on rent

She who harbors the seed
Will bear a child
The wind lingers from the south
We’re alive!
Time consumed, but loved to survive

He who dances
Uses the right foot first
Heartbeat remains content
Past midnight
Motion righteous, right

She who loves
Will devour me wholeheartedly
We’re face to face
In this little village
In this twisted place

He who stares in lust
Deteriorates the mind
Action deserves consequence
Consequence deserves thought
Those lying face down, fought

She who takes lessons from mother nature
Consumes the atmosphere
A sense of feeling
Wind blowing
Love, the all knowing

He who dreams
Frames paradise
Secure on the wall of the mind
The world is ours
Sleep where rested on golden flowers

She who questions death
Questions existence
We will run together
A mob of innocence
Perpetually late on rent