I went to a party once
A feast
And the main meal
Was lead into a large, open pen
He was large himself, but small compared
To the size of the arena
I could tell by the twinkle in the meal’s eye
That he knew the man in overalls walking into the pen
Would take his life
So he put on a show
Running this way, that way
Snorting, his floppy ears flopping,
Listening to the crowd patronize him
He glanced at me
As his execution commenced
The man in overalls was tired of putting on a show
Tired of chasing the gladiator
He pulled a knife and jabbed the meal a couple of times
And if that didn’t do the trick, the single bullet to the head did
The crowd cheered as it rang out
The meal was hoisted up, sliced open
And roasted for hours
When it was time to eat, everyone ate the meal
Except it’s head
Alone on the buffet table
With a toasted complexion and an apple in it’s mouth
Looking really tired
And detached