I enjoy reading David Lehman’s book, The Daily Mirror. It is a journal in poetry that I read at least once a year. “I started writing a poem a day as an experiment.” David said.

Inspired by the book, I decided to try my hand at writing a poem a day and posting them to my blog for one year.

I will only revise for the time that I am writing.  I won’t be too strict and may miss a day or two here and there and hope to keep up momentum like David had in his book.

In the books introduction he wrote, “Toward the end of February inspiration hit big time. I began a consecutive day streak that reached 140. Writing a poem a day began to seem as natural as taking a walk. There were days when I wrote a sestina or a villanelle in addition to the official poem of the day. Waking up, I relished the thought that the day’s poem waited to be written, as if it already existed in some ideal realm and needed only the tip of my wand to bring it to life. Poetry was, as one of the poems reported, a renewable energy source: the more you do it, the easier it gets, and the more enjoyable. Inspiration was not something you needed to sit and wait for. It was something that came when you invited it.”

I am excited to see what comes of my invitation and may decide to publish a volume or two when I am done at the end of the year.

I begin my endeavor with a poem written this morning entitled “A Man Calls Out To His Creator.”